The vegan storage chart infographic – Created for a client who had a collection of useful and detailed information about where to best store plant based foods for maximum preservation, however they needed it to be quickly digestible.

They asked me to produce an info-graphic where this information could be viewed very simply as they were organising where to place their shopping.

The colourful vector icons allow the information to be rapidly absorbed and the foods have been situated in their best storage locations from the information provided. The style is simple, friendly and can be shared and enjoyed across all ages.

Baking with Plants infographic – A large company was holding an event to discuss the benefits that eating a whole foods plant based diet can have on health. They needed an infographic to display the differences between plant based and animal based baking products, in terms of cholesterol and saturated fat.

The colour palette was used to reflect health and evoke feelings of calmness and nature. Icons were used to make the information more interesting and easily digestible.

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